7 Secrets To Younger, Firmer and Fuller Breasts

There is, I imagine, not one woman that wants her breasts to sag and lose their youthfulness. However, as time marches on, the breasts will most likely sag and lose their firmness and elasticity. This is the result of gravity, inadequate breast support and the natural aging process of the skin.

There are breast supplements on the market that are effective in helping a woman?s chest to stay firm and full but in addition to using an herbal supplement like that it is a good idea to incorporate into your daily routine these 7 tips to better breasts.

1. Breast Support During Exercise

Each time you exercise, and it does not matter what kind of exercise, wear a sport?s bra for sport, which firmly hold your chest. If you don?t the never-ending gravitational pull when walking or any other form of activity will stretch the skin and it?s components resulting in drooping breasts.

2. Weight Loss and Breast Appearance

You need to stay away from losing or gaining weight too quickly. When weight is lost too quickly stretch marks can be left on the breasts decreasing their attractiveness. It is common that the breasts will become less firm.

3. Sleep On Your Side Or Back

Sleeping on your stomach and hence your breasts can cause unnecessary stretching. Do not sleep face down, as it could be harmful to your breasts since they will be holding your body weight.

4. Hydration

The breasts need to be hydrated. This is done internally by making sure you drink enough fluids and externally by applying good creams to the skin of the breasts. There are creams designed specifically for breasts that contain phytoestrogens but make sure you follow the instructions since it is possible to apply too much of these creams. The best practice is to apply a good cream or moisturizer on the chest no less than one time per day.

5. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin from your skin?s surface. Exfoliation is easy to accomplish with exfoliant creams or by using a slightly abrasive cloth or loofah in the shower. Be gentle but thorough.

6. Proper Fitting Bra

It is very important to use a bra that fits your breasts. Get accurate measurements and buy the appropriate bra size. During menstruation the breasts will swell so take measurements when menstruation is not occurring.

7. Exercise the Breasts Daily

There are exercises that will tone the muscle and tissues that the breast tissue is connected to. By exercising your breasts they will have a firmer, more fuller appearance. You can read about breast enhancement exercises in more detail.

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