Excited About Total Curve And Other Natural Ways To Increase Breast Size

Normally I write articles that are strictly informative but I felt the need to share an experience that I had just the other day. I was in a dressing room waiting for a friend to come out with the new clothes that she was trying on when I started talking to another lady sitting next to me.

I am excited about the ability to increase breast size naturally but don’t typically talk about it with other women in the first conversation. For some reason and I am not even sure how we got on the topic of breast enhancement but we had a good time talking about it.

I asked her, and you can imagine how gingerly, if she had ever thought about breast enhancement. She told me she had and then shared with me that she had breast surgery 9 years ago. Of course this peaked my curiosity and I asked her if she was happy and that I had read that there could be residual side effects.

She immediately began to tear up and shared that she was one that had to have 6 more surgeries to correct the results of the initial procedure. She even divulged that she had lost all sensation in her nipples. This was devastating to her husband when she told him and their intimacy has never been the same since.

I began to weep with her feeling for pain and loss and although I did not want to reopen any wounds, I did want to ask her if she had any knowledge of natural breast enlargements. We talked more and I felt that I had a window that asking that question would be appropriate. I also know that breast size can be consistent from mother to daughter and I wanted to know that she had other options to offer her daughter in the future.

I asked her and she replied that she has, sadly after the fact, discovered the natural breast enhancement options that she should have tried before resigning to surgery. She shared with me how she was excited to learn about the herbs that would stimulate hormone levels firming and increasing breast size. She told me she had been reading about Volufiline and asked if I had heard of it.

I told her I had a website about a breast enhancement product called Total Curve that contained Volufiline that was proven to increase breast size. She was excited and we exchanged contact information.

This was a refreshing meeting that I had. To know that there are women, thousands of women, discovering the truth about breast surgery and looking for safer options.

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