How Do Breast Growth Pills Function To Increase Breast Size?

Breast growth pills are an effective treatment option for ladies who want to make their breasts fuller and firmer. If you are planning to increase the size of your bust, this is an excellent choice, and is a healthier option than surgery.Many women all over the globe suffer from shame or a lack of confidence because of small or hanging breasts. Breast growth pills allow women to achieve better looking breasts naturally.

How do these supplements work? To understand how the chemicals in these natural herbs function, there are simple facts that you should know. A ladies breasts contain millions of protein receptors. When a woman reaches puberty, her body produces estrogen, androgen, progesterone and prolactin. These hormones are programmed to connect to the said receptors for them to grow.

A number of the herbal extracts that will be listed can imitate the function of estrogen. First, they will connect to the receptor sites not covered by the naturally secreted hormones and this will allow the breasts to advance to their possible potential. Diosgenin, on the other side of the coin, is a chemical compound that undergoes many processes before it is converted to a unnatural type of estrogen. When taken by mouth, it can connect to the receptor cells in the breast tissue. The cells are then activated to increase in size and in volume.

These natural treatments are prepared using chemical compounds from numerous herbs and plants from all over the world. Firstly, the compounds are extracted using laboratory equipment and later are all carefully put together in different combinations.

Here are some of the aforementioned herbs:

– Damiana from West India. Certain phytochemicals in this herb species have the capability to imitate the function of estrogen.

– Wild Yam from South America. This plant has diosgenin that can be transformed to synthetic estrogen.

– Fenugreek from the Mediterranean. Like wild yam, this herb also has diosgenin.

– Dong Quai from China. The root of this herb contains constituents that can help in regulating the roles of the different hormones.

– Blessed Thistle from Europe and Asia. Certain chemicals in this herb species have the ability to regulate hormonal imbalance.

– Kelp from the Pacific. Like thistle, it can also play a part in hormonal imbalance. – Mother’s Wort from Europe. Like the other plants listed above, it also has the ability to enable breast enlargement.

– Saw Palmetto from North America. These berries from this plant have the ability to develop an increase in size of breasts.

When a woman has a hormonal imbalance, the functions of the different hormones interfere with each other, and this is a complication the regulatory chemicals in breast growth pills work to overcome. By minimizing the other hormones, like androgens, and producing more estrogen, the cells will be stimulated to grow. If you are concerned about the size or appearance of your breasts, natural breast enhancers are a great way to become more satisfied and achieve a fuller, firmer bustline. You can increase breast size today.

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April 24, 2011

Mona Monro @ 3:52 am #

Many breast growth pills are available in the market such that these breast growth pills are an effective treatment option for ladies who want to make their breasts fuller and firmer. So many women can take the benefit of these pills to increase the size of the breast. These supplements really work and can help many women to achieve their dreams by using these breast supplements.

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This is to all the ladies who want to increase the size of their breast right away. Breast growth pills is the effective and natural way.

June 12, 2011

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