7 Must See Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

A lot of research and money has been put into breast cancer research and because of this, many new procedures have been developed that has improved the detection of breast cancer much earlier than ever before. Because of these procedures and with new breast cancer screening guidelines, not only has detection become a lot easier but surgeries have gotten more accurate which reduces the need for full or partial mastectomies.

Nothing takes the place of being proactive about breast cancer care and detection. Monthly self exams are crucial for early detection but utilizing the newest technology can also be very helpful. Here are some of the new guidelines and diagnostic screening tools that have played a big part in revolutionizing breast cancer detection.

1. One of major steps women are taking to detect breast cancer as early as possible is Family profiling. If anyone in your immediate family has had breast cancer (mother, sister, grandmother, etc.) then you’ll want to start being professionally examined at a much earlier age than previous guidelines suggested. Studies have shown that women should begin to have regular (non x-ray) breast exams in their mid thirties. Also, as you get older, having breast exams twice a year instead of once.

2. Digital mammographies use computer aided diagnostics to find cancerous cells and are also recommended.

3. For suspected cases, an MRI can now be done that has biopsy capabilities so a biopsy can be taken immediately when a suspicious area is located. This technique allows for much less expensive and invasive biopsies.

4. New breast cancer screening guidelines also includes heavy use of ultrasound. New scanning technology makes breast exams a lot easier and less painful than older exams. Having breast ultrasounds as a primary exam technology is becoming the norm instead of the exception.

5. Ultrasound is also being used to guide biopsies as well to improve accuracy and to reduce invasiveness.

6. Ultrasound in conjunction with stereotactic mamma tone technology is another technique being used to expedite biopsies.

7. Ductogalactograms have become the common way to analyze the milk ducts in the breast if unusual or unexpected discharges are taking place.

Utilizing these new screening guidelines for breast cancer, especially in conjunction with family profiling, means that breast cancer can be found quicker making breast cancer treatment much more effective. This means faster treatment which means that survival statistics increase to well over 95%. That’s a number that is much easier to live with.

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