Advanced Rowing Gym Equipment

One of the most unpopular exercise regimen of our time is rowing. What many do not know is that this type of exercise is very effective in stretching and working out the upper and lower body and thus provide a complete cardiovascular fitness activity. Though there are many kinds of rowing gym equipment available in the market at present, the Club Model with computer from WaterRower is a kind of gym equipment that you will surely not regret investing on.

This model of gym equipment makes use of a water flywheel technology which provides a realistic rowing experience to those who prefer doing their exercise routines at home. Unlike other exercise machines, the enclosed water tank of this equipment produces a smooth, self-regulating, and noiseless resistance system. The body of the machine is made from solid ash wood which effectively absorbs the vibration and the sound generated by the rowing exercises. Since this machine does not create unnecessary noises and is a high resistance model, it is perfect for residential area use like in apartments, condominiums, and flats. In addition to this, the water flywheel system that it uses also minimizes maintenance requirements since this machine does not have any mechanical parts or motors that require constant examination and care.

Thanks to the self-regulating resistance system that this machine uses, the faster rowing rate that the user does, the higher resistance he will receive from this equipment. If you prefer slow paddling at first, then the intensity of your exercise will also lessen because of the lesser resistance that you will create. The machine’s fluid and smooth operation can exercise up to eighty four percent of the individual’s muscle mass. The high impact yet low stress exercises provided by this machine is therefore very efficient in toning the muscles and increasing strength training. Not much impact and stress is also directed to the ankles, knee joints, and hips because the individual remains in a sitting position throughout the workout. In addition to all these, all the muscles of the body are also properly worked out since they are being continuously contracted and extended throughout the rowing motion.

For its workouts, this gym equipment makes use of a top quality monitor that observes and reports the workout’s intensity, the number of strokes done by the user and his heart rate. This monitor is also equipped with six QuickSelection settings and three navigation buttons that show other important information like the distance traveled and exercise duration. The heart rate of the users during the routine is measured via the optional heart rate monitor strap and receiver.

The framework of this gym equipment is created from solid ash wood which is known for its stability and longevity. Its body is coated with polyurethane coating and Danish oil finishing. To avoid its dual black rails from scuffing with its rosewood parts, they have all been smoothened for better efficiency. The design of this gym equipment offers a one of a kind framework that is only not attractive to the eyes but is also resistance to major problems as wells. The seat is stable with four cornered wheels on the rails that reduce sweat build up during the high intensity workout. Those who prefer working out at home will surely enjoy the good exercise regimen provided by this machine’s capability of replicating actual rowing in water.

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