Cold Weather And Warm Clothes, For Little Money

Dwelling in a cold place can be expensive! In places like Los Angeles, we can buy inexpensive, thin jeans from places like Forever 21, and “winter coats” which are actually simply puffy jackets with absolutely zero lining.


But if you live a place such as New York City, you just can’t get away with that type of thing. So, I came up with a few surprisingly toasty and cheap finds.


Fake fur hoodies

I own a hoodie I got from Forever 21 for just $30 that has a seriously thick inside lining of fake fur, and a completely fake fur lined hood. A lot of them just have the fur trim on the outside of the hood and make it appear as if they’re warm, but they in fact do nothing for you. Keep an eye out for the ones lined all along the inside of the hoodie body and hood. On a 20 degree day in New York City, I was able to wear only that hoodie over a sweater.


Synthetic fabrics

Ever notice how heavily you sweat in those cheap, non-breathing garments from shops like Wet Seal and the junior’s departments of many department stores? Well that’s an excellent thing during the winter! Synthetic fabrics trap in body warmth! Polyester, for instance, makes for a good undershirt in the cold weather and is quite inexpensive.



A sturdy, high quality pair of denims with thick enough material to keep you warm can run up to $200 or even more! Fake people out this way: buy the inexpensive, thin denims for $20 at Forever 21 and Ross, and buy a few pairs of $4 tights to put on underneath. Once again, their synthetic fabric should trap in body heat and since they’re thin, people won’t even be able to see you have anything underneath the jeans. My close friend who is a voice coach teaches singing lessons in LA rents a super low-rent studio, but it’s low-rent for this reason: there’s no heating. To still look professional for the students coming in to how to sing better from an esteemed vocalist, she buys tights by the dozens to wear under her nice pants.


Wind breakers

These are super cheap because they don’t have all the filling of down jackets, but they still keep out the wind. You can buy one for as inexpensive as $30 and under it simply pile up tops and sweaters. You’ll be insulated and cozy.


Get the unexpected footwear

Popular female shoe brands such as Aldos charge hundreds of dollars to add their flare to their sturdy-bottomed, insulated boots. But I found my adorable, fur-lined and insulated boots at, you’ll never guess, the Harley Davidson store! The brand doesn’t consider itself a “trendy” one, but rather a practical one. Therefore, they don’t realize how much individuals could be happy to pay for a little ornamentation to their shoes. For this reason, they don’t charge much if they do add such ornamentation. My boots have a durable grip, super warm lining and entirely water-resistant exterior. And they were only $60. Stick to brands which are known for practicality, and just find their one or two only “cute” items.

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