Do You Truly Trust The Person You’re re Dating On The Web?

Heather is actually a 42 year old American woman. Divorced with two children, she decided to try online dating services to possibly get a brand new partner. She signed up with one of the popular dating websites and set up a profile.

Within a matter of days, she was contacted by a man who also claimed to be looking for a long term relationship. He was attractive, also divorced and in his mid-forties. He claimed to be an engineer living in the United States, but was sent on an assignment by his firm to Nigeria.

Surely, this was the right relationship that she had wanted ever since her divorce. They began to make plans to get married as soon as he returned to the United States. Heather believed all was going well with their plans until he made a distress call. He was been involved in a road accident and was hospitalized.

Could she help out with some money to pay the bills? Well, she did help. A sequence of events followed later on. Weeks later, she discovered that the man she had fallen in love with wasn’t the real individual she had thought he was.

She had just been taken by the newest form of online scams that just started showing up – the romance or dating scam.

She was completely heartbroken. She had lost thousands of dollars to this guy. She was behind on her mortgage and was in debt with the bank.

But painful as the encounter was, it could not be compared to the emotional pain that she had to go through. It would take a lot of months before she would get over the entire experience, which she described as a nightmare.

Heather isn’t the only one that is a victim of this new form of scam. Many thousands of folks on the internet are losing millions of dollars monthly to these scams.

Many of the victims I talked with reported that it took them many months before they could go back to their normal life.

A woman told me that she cried for many nights after she realized that she had been scammed. She had assumed she had the perfect lover, and had become so emotionally attached to him.

Realizing that it was all a lie was devastating to her. The fact that she had been deeply in love with a fake person was what pained her the most.

This doesn’t have to be you. You’ve got resources like the david deangelo scam to help you completely avoid this situation from ever happening to you. You can have fun and be safe like other singles out there by using the mysterymethod and the david deangelo dyd advice.

You too can find love on the web.

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