HeavyFeet Podcast 001.


So, (possibly) much in order to everybody’s surprise, we’ve finally obtained the first podcast carried out.petite wedding dresses

In any nutshell, it is really an hour’s songs, diverse within style (if you feel it will likely be an hour or so of ravetastic fidget rubbish, you should head over to ravetasticfidgetnonsense.com) and also presented in the format not really distinct from your radio show. Typically the file format is not as we want this, and also my introducing style wants function, but bear around, we’ll arrive at some point.

At present (ought to be sorted very soon) i-tunes is actually actively playing buggers with the stream, so the podcast is only accessible the following until we have it back up as well as sorted. It is possible to seize the initial installment with the podcast here as an audio download even though.

We do hope you enjoy.
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HeavyFeet Podcast 001.

So, (possibly) a lot in order to every person’s surprise, we’ve finally obtained the very first podcast done.

In a few words, it is really an hour’s music, varied in style (for those that feel it will likely be one hour regarding ravetastic fidget absurdity, make sure you head over to ravetasticfidgetnonsense.org) and also introduced in the structure not different from your radio stations display. The file format just isn’t quite as we wish it, and also my own presenting type requirements perform, however keep around, we are going to get there at some point.hawaiian wedding dresses

At present (needs to be categorized very soon) apple itunes will be actively playing buggers with the supply, so the podcast is just obtainable the following until we obtain it support as well as sorted. You can grab the very first installment with the podcast because a good audio obtain although.

We do hope you take pleasure in.

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