HRT Synthetic Hormone Dangers

If you know the difference between synthetic and real cream in your cooking, then how much more important is it to know what is in your HRT or contraceptive Pill? Whether it contains natural progesterone and estrogen or synthetic derivatives will make a big difference to your health and as a health writer for over 33 years I know how important having the right information is for your health.

It ought to be fairly clear; but pick up any mainstream article about HRT or hormone health and you will see the immediate problem. There is an assumption in the media that progesterone and progestin/progestogens are interchangeable and mean the same thing and that it does not matter which one you use: they are wrong.

Difference No 1: This is the easiest, most obvious and the simplest. One is natural but the other is a manufactured synthetic chemical. The natural hormone is progesterone and the manufactured progestins/progestogens that appear in hormone therapy are chemicals.

Difference No 2: Progesterone is the hormone naturally produced by women in the ovaries. Synthetic hormones are not identical to those produced by the body and although they are able to copy the the body does not recognize them in the same way. It is a little bit like a key that has been copied from the original but when you put it in the lock does not quite fit or turn. Progesterone is immediately identified by the body as natural to it, as the right fit, but the synthetics are not.

Difference No 3: This is a crucially important one. The data on synthetic/chemical derivatives shows them linked to serious side effects, whereas natural progesterone has not been associated with any to date. . They are known to increase risks in the areas of cancer (breast, uterus and ovary), disorders of blood clotting (strokes, heart problems and deep vein thrombosis), and can worsen mood, PMS and depression in vulnerable women.

Difference No 4: Bio-identical natural progesterone cream is exactly equivalent to the body’s own production of progesterone, but progestins/progestogens are unable to replace the same effect c. Natural bio-identical hormones are able to be fully recognized by the body but the estrogen found in HRT products like Premarin might be described as natural as well because it’s source is urine harvested from pregnant mares. If you are a horse then it’s natural, but not if you are a human.


However you choose to journey through the menopause, whether with HRT or bio-identical natural hormones, it helps to know just what your options are and exactly what is in the formulation you are using so that you can make an informed choice.

AnnA Rushton is Editor of a dedicated information website with the latest articles and news from health professionals and doctors who are experienced in natural hormone prescribing. Help with bio-identical hormones progesterone and estrogen and their use for women of all ages for osteoporosis, menopause and hormone imbalance.

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