IVF Financing Options – 5 Keys To Making The Right Choice

By Krystle Hooper

When couples are trying to cope with the medical and psychological issues associated with infertility, they also have to deal with mental and physical stresses of having to cope with the financial problems presented by fertility treatments as well. Some insurance companies do help with some aspects of fertility treatments, but certain medical and surgical treatment such as financing for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) aren’t covered at all. This places the financial burden of such an expensive procedure directly on the prospective parents.

If you’re one of the couples having to deal with infertility and financial issues, here are some options you’ll want to take a look at:

1. There are financial counselors at the fertility treatment who are experts at finding the best ways to help you with fertility treatment financing for the procedures that aren’t covered by your insurance coverage and to find strategies to have as much of the fertility treatment plan covered by using doctors within your insurance network.

2. Many medical treatments and even some surgical procedures such as treatments for PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), fibroids, blockages in the fallopian tubes and other situations may well be covered by your medical insurance as a “normal” medical treatment.

3. While banks won’t provide financing for IVF procedures directly, using your assets such as refinancing your home is an option. Even though this is possible, it may not be the best option for you.

4. Third party companies do specialize in financing for medical procedures and are able to help patients with loans with low interest rates over extended time periods. This may be your best option.

5. Working with the financial counselor will enable you to find ways to ensure most of, if not all of your expenses are covered. The financial counselor may even know of other sources of financing such as grants and foundations where funds can either be repaid slowly or even not at all, depending on the basis of the grant or foundation.

Infertility issues are difficult enough to cope with on both an emotional and psychological basis, let alone the physical demands of the situation. By having solutions for financing for IVF and other treatment procedures that are a part of your fertility treatment plan, a big part of the stress many couples go through is relieved. The best part of this stress relief is the fact that, in some cases, relieving the stress may actually be the ultimate key to conception.

For most couples, figuring out and finding IVF financing for their fertility treatment can relieve a lot of the stress they are feeling. Krystle Hooper researched her options for IVF loans so her and her husband could start the family they had always dreamed.


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