Lookup or Find Someone by Marriage License

Searching for someone by marriage license? If you are, then this is the right guide to read. Finding  people by marriage records is simple because information is available on public records for free. Looking at the next paragraphs below; you will see how easy it is.

Visit Marriage Counsel

When searching to find someone by marriage license you need to lookup marriage records at the marriage registry where the marriage took place. You can try the National Association of Marriage County website. Choose public records options with records on marriage licenses. Read on as there is still more on this article of find people for free.

Find by County and State

 To find someone by marriage license when using public records,  select the state or country where the marriage took place After selecting  the appropriate state, open the marriage records. Use the marriage license number to search the file with details about the couple in question. Then click on the county records for further searching. Information must include the name of the groom and bride, residential address and relatives’ information. Continue looking through because there is still more on this page of find people for free.

Following State Search

When you done with searching by the state and county, try advanced public records links to find someone by marriage license. Look for links relating to marriage records. Using links, select basic public records search engines. Then key in license number, in addition entering in information about the person and click search to view current details.

With the information given on this guide, I hope you find the results you hopping for. However, if you want to access more reviews on how to find someone by marriage license visit findfree-people-friends.com. You can also view similar guides on how to find people for free at FindWhoo.com. Also get to find people easily by following this link findfree-people-friends.com.


  • Locating someone by marriage certificate is simple mainly with public records search engines.
  •  You can use the National Association of Marriage  websites online.
  • You can find someone by looking for information from marriage registry counties.
  • Search using marriage license number to access correct details about bride and groom.
  • Use other public record links to view marriage records free.
  • You can alsofind someone by searching the state where the marriage was registered.

Additional information

There are many reasons why you would want to find a person by marriage certificate. All you should know is that different states vary with making this information public. Hence, visit online websites such as peoplerecords.com/marriage-records. With this source, you going to look up and locate copy of marriage record, courthouse locator as well as divorce records free.

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