Massaging Your Breasts For Enlargement

If your desire is to get bigger breasts without surgery, and you want to know how to increase breast size, one of natural breast augmentation methods you can use is breast massage.

Thousands of women throughout the years have used breast massage to enhance their breasts. The Asian culture is one of the cultures that have used breast massage for in their massage and beauty parlors to make the breasts more attractive.

When using breast massage, you will notice some of the following benefits: Increased breast growth, More toned and firm breasts, Breasts that are overall more attractive, A sexier bust line.

Sometimes women do not massage their breasts because they do not have a breast enlargement routine to follow. Whenever you have a good guideline to follow, you are much more likely to get started and keep at it.

Breast enhancing creams are helpful when using breast enlargement massage routines. Your breasts will be able to increase in size naturally by the use of breast enhancing creams. You will enjoy the benefits of reduced friction and a more enjoyable massage.

At least one time per day you can massage your breasts after a shower. This is a opportune time to massage your breasts since your skin will be soft and pliable. If you are using a breast enhancing cream, your pores will be open and ready to receive as you apply the product.

When you are ready to start the massage, find a flat place to lie down. Make sure all distractions are gone, and that your body is relaxed. Your breast massage can begin after these preparations are made.

If you have not been massaging your breasts, they may be very sensitive. It is wise that you would use soft back and forth motions on your breasts during the massage. You might notice swelling if you massage your breasts too roughly because they may be injured, or the blood could be rushing to the area.

After you have been using a breast enhancement massage routine, you can start to apply a little bit more pressure to your breasts. The back and forth motion is helpful, but you will be able to increase lymphatic drainage if you massage the breasts in a counterclockwise motion around the nipples.

Women are forced to wear bras which can inhibit lymphatic drainage from the breasts. This is why breast massage is so helpful for maintaining good breast health.

When lymphatic drainage is blocked, your breasts may experience serious problems. This is because poisons, bacteria, cholesterol, and viruses can build up in your body. Not only will you be able to make your breasts more attractive when using breast massage, but you will be able to help prevent serious conditions such as cancer.


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