Menopause Symptoms You Have to Understand

There are so many different menopause symptoms and they are so varied that learning to identify every single one of them is quite difficult. Some of the symptoms, however, are more common than others. Identifying the major symptoms of menopause is something that every person should do. If you are female, doing this will help you understand the symptoms of your change and you’ll be able to deal with it better when you go through it. If you are a guy then learning what you can about these symptoms will help you be more sympathetic and understanding to the women in your life when they begin going through their life changes. Here are some of the major symptoms of menopause. Also, if you are starting to get up there in years, it would be a good idea to start checking out insurance for seniors. Make sure that you check out this article about funeral insurance, it’s recommended reading.

When women start to go through menopause they start to gain extra weight. Menopausal weight gain happens in very specific locations. A woman going through menopause will gain the most weight in their waist and their thighs. This can cause the womens’ waistline to totally disappear. Weight gain is something that most women do not enjoy. Weight gain in these areas, however, is even more traumatic. If you suddenly start storing weight in these areas when you haven’t ever done that before, you should call your doctor. You might be going through menopause.

In some very cruel ways, menopause symptoms can mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. One of these mirrored symptoms is extreme fatigue. “Crashing” fatigue is a common symptom of menopause. This is more than feeling “a little tired”. The kind of exhaustion that will keep her in bed for more than a few hours. Taking several naps throughout the day might become common practice for a premenopausal woman. Women who experience intense fatigue are often diagnosed as menopausal or premenopausal.

This probably sounds odd but it is possible that menopause will change the way you smell. Some women say that it is the changes in their smells that make them realize that they are menopausal. Changes in odor can be a difficult menopause symptom to detect. If you notice that one of the women in your life suddenly has a different scent and it isn’t because she is wearing a new perfume or using a new soap it could be because she is going through menopause.

Menopause is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Even if you aren’t going through “the change” yourself, somebody you love is going to go through it eventually which means that you will be affected too. It is a really good idea to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of menopause. This will help you to be properly sympathetic when a woman in your life is forced to go through menopause. Not only does this help you to be sympathetic, it also teaches you what women go through when they get to a certain point in their lives. You might even be able to help her figure out what is happening to her body! Last but not least, don’t forget to read this article on life insurance for seniors over 80.

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