Severe Constipation Can Often Be Treated Using Natural Methods

Constipation is a very embarrassing and unpleasant condition. Sometimes the symptoms are so severe that they significantly affect for the sufferer’s everyday activities. At its worst, severe constipation can affect even his or her social life.

bowtrol colon cleanseBowel movements frequencies are different in every people. For some people to have one or two a day is normal while for others 3 or 4 a week is enough. The interruption in your normal frequency in a daily basis is called constipation.

Constipation symptoms can appear in any moment of the day or night. One common symptom is a bloated stomach, a stomach that seems to be even twice of its normal size making your clothes fit uncomfortably or to not even fit. This happens because the bowel movement are so slow that the content in your intestines start producing gas that is stuck inside and making you bloat.

Another symptom can be cramps. The stools in your intestine are getting hard because they are losing water by being a long time stuck inside you. This can make a bowel movement rather painful.

Severe constipation can be caused by a poor diet. It is important to eat enough fiber that can be found in vegetables, fruits and, of course, in cereals.

A lack of physical activity is another big cause of constipation. A sedentary lifestyle will not help to the normal function of your digestive system. Make exercise regularly, 3 times a week should be enough to keep you healthy.

Dairy products are also one culprit of constipation. So, limit the consumption of milk and cheese.

Many medications, some metabolic diseases or medical problems, like a stroke, can cause severe constipation. In these cases it is a must to consult a health professional.

They are many available treatments to fight severe constipation, and the natural ones are usually the first option. Eat a high fiber diet and increase your water consumption and you will notice the difference within a couple of days.

If this is not enough, laxatives are also prescribed. Ask a health provider about them and always take them as they were prescribed. The abuse on laxatives can cause severe health damage.

If your severe constipation is caused by a disease called irritable bowel syndrome, your doctor will prescribe you a medication that will increase your bowel movements while fighting against the syndrome. This medication is not a laxative but will aid you.

Sometimes nothing seems to work for constipation and an intervention is required. If this is the case, you need to see your physician.

If you are experiencing severe constipation, don’t ignore it. This will only make your condition more serious. There are ways to get relief from constipation. Don’t leave them unexploited.

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