Single Parenting Is A Tricky Challenge

Being the only one assigned the task of taking care of your child is one of the trickiest jobs that you can have. Normally, you see two individuals sharing the load of child care that is already a challenge for many couples. Being the only one to go through this journey, without any support from a partner, entails that you fulfill the many roles that your child needs to grow. The nuclear family is one that has mommy, the gentler spirit that takes care of the home and daddy, who loosens his tie at the end of the day. single parenting is hard because of these very defined differences in tasks. A mommy can not wear all of daddy’s shoes and a dad can not wear all of mom’s dresses. For a child to progress, there should be a myriad of influences in his life. This does not mean that single parents can not raise a well adjusted child, it just means that it is so much harder to do so. Can one person really give a child everything? There is no good cop bad cop, there is no stern and soft hand, the lone parent should be all of these. This fact can stunt the progress of the child. So know all the roles that need to be played. Having no mother or father figure should be compensated well and planned correctly in order for the child to mature right. The fact that you will have to do everything on your own in a 24 hour day that you wish could be stretched to 48 hours is the next wall to climb. Finances is one of the premiere concerns and if you are not a member of a wealthy family, then you will need to work to feed your kid. Your professional goals and your familial concerns are tricky enough to fully undertake when you have a wife or a husband to help you out. But by yourself, the task becomes a study in the finer points of time management and priority setting. The balance between properly providing for your child financially and making sure that you bond with him or her as much as possible and be the guiding force in your kid’s life is a tight rope walk. So make certain that you stack as many cards in your favor by examining and applying for all the single parent grants that are made available to you. Being a single parent is hard, unimaginably hard, so be certain that you do everything you can to prepare yourself for it, set the proper expectations, plan each and every step so that you nurture your child in the best way possible using all the available help and knowing that the road will be rough, the tumbles many, the exhaustion severe, the lonely and desperate nights a constant reminder that it takes a very special kind of person to be able to do this right and reap the rewards.

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