Studying Nonverbal Communication – Find Out If She’s Actually Interested In You

Body language is an activity involving non-verbal communication. It’s one of the most powerful, private and noiseless languages because it helps you fully grasp emotions and feelings of individuals around you.

Body language is one of the most important languages to learn simply because after you know how to interpret the behavior of others you’ll know what they actually think.

Reading and interpreting body language is an art and science. She performs every action with a purpose and it expresses something. As a result, it’s incredibly important to discover reading body language, signals, smiles, as well as gestures.

Maybe you’ve got a friend, a female one, and you would like to know if she is thinking about you, or it is a girl that you like and you do not know the way to approach her, or just you met her in a club and she looks interested in you, you have to read her body language to understand her feelings.

A women’s body language is quite subtle so you should know to read it. Let us say that she is a girl that you really like and you met her at a party. Observe her closely and as soon as you get a signal that she is interested in you too, make sure that you catch her with your charm.

You can learn her thoughts and feelings by reading the signals:

* Watch her hair toss. If she moves her hair over her shoulders and flaunts her neck, it indicates that she wants to attract attention.

* She gazes into your eyes with deep interest means that she wants to get to know you much better.

* While talking to you, she blinks a lot more than usual, fluttering her eyelashes.

* If she get nervous while you’re looking at her indicates that she is a little shy, but she has interest in you.

* Her skin tone becomes red while being around you.

* Big smiles with lower and upper teeth showing with a relaxed expression.

* She bumps into you and touches you accidentally indicates that she wanted to be positive that you simply saw her.

* She is dressed quite sexy and she is fixing her outfit to make herself look much better, means that she is friendly and free.

* Also, if she sits down with her arms crossed together she is incredibly angry and she doesn’t need to have anything to do with you at the moment.

If the woman you like gives you these signals that she’s interested in you too, do not waste time and make the first step to communicate with her. Try to have eye contact longer with her, show her that you simply aren’t afraid and don’t look away until she does.

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