Tips On Selecting A Hair Removal Specialist

There are several ways to reduce the total number of hair or manage excessive hair growth. Traditional approaches include shaving and waxing, and new hair removal techniques include the use of electrolysis, intense pulsed light epilation, and laser hair reduction.

Shaving and waxing techniques are the most affordable of these treatments, but their effects are not permanent, and are associated with more complications and discomfort. New hair removal methods are more expensive, but tend to have better results, fewer complications, and little or no discomfort. At present, the FDA only allows the term permanent hair removal to be used with electrolysis. Electrolysis can be used on people with different skin tones and hair color. Epilation with the use of laser on the other hand will benefit more those patients with fair skin and light hair color. Epilation with the use of intense pulsed light (IPL) is sometimes used interchangeably with laser epilation. Actually, this is wrong since IPL does not make use of lasers, instead it makes use of xenon flash lamps which discharge full spectrum light beams. On a per session basis, IPL would be less expensive and quicker than laser epilation. However, IPL tends to require more treatments than laser, and thus may not be cheaper in the long run.

You have to remember that the effectiveness of these procedures is dependent to a great degree to the skillfulness of the one providing treatment, and the machine and technologies employed. That said, you need to be wise when selecting practitioners of hair removal Los Angeles. First, you have to know their qualifications. If there are any professional organizations in your state that regulate these kinds of services, check if the practitioners you are considering are on their members list. Second, ask around. The best way to find reputable practitioners of hair removal in Los Angeles is to ask friends and family for recommendations, especially those who have tried the treatments themselves.

It is always best to have a personal consultation first so that you can have a feel of how the practitioner works or deals with clients. Some questions you need to ask would be the fees; the techniques used complications, and the frequency of sessions. Furthermore, you have to investigate if there have been any issues brought up by previous clients against the professional or her practice. On your first consultation, observe how attentive the staff and practitioner are, and if the clinic is kempt and organized. If the lobby is not tidy, there is no assurance that the treatment areas are too. Finally, choose the provider you think you can establish good rapport with.

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