Various Patches that Bikers Wear

It is more of a lifestyle to be a biker rather than it being a hobby. Being able to hop on your motorcycle and ride the open road with the wind in your hair is something that you really can’t beat. To be a biker you will have to have your own bike but you will really want to look the part too. Leathers and denim provide the classic biker look but neither is complete without the decoration of badges. Ivamis Trading patches are something that many bikers wear and these patches allow others to see what type of biker you are and where you have been in terms of rallies etc. A lot of bikers will also use patches to commemorate their fallen comrades. However, motorcycle patches are not all of a serious nature; there are plenty of fun slogans that can be sewn onto a jacket, providing humour and sometimes slight offense!


Club and Association Patches

Ivamis Trading have plenty of different patches to choose from and this includes emblems that are related to associations or clubs. You usually get two pieces with a club patch and these pieces are proudly displayed in the centre of the back of a biker’s leathers. Depending on the club, a different patch may be released every year; these will include a different emblem and are to be sewn onto the jacket close to the club association patch.


Memorial Patches

When it comes to paying tribute to deceased biker friends, patches are worn to commemorate their life. There is no particular spot that a memorial badge should be sewn onto a jacket, some bikers do prefer to place a patch at the bottom of a jacket allowing for more space when needed. Ivamis Trading patches have a lot of different memorial designs which bikers can choose from.


Travel Patches

A travel patch is something that a biker will wear to show others where they have travelled to. They can also be worn as a reminder of a certain event that was attended. There is no specific place on the vest or jacket for a travel patch, Ivamis Trading patches will look cool on any part of your clothing.

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