What To Know About The Emerald Cut Diamond

Diamonds are recognized to be the hardest natural substance known to man, not to mention one of the rarest and most expensive commodities. And yet, it is also more than that, symbolizing love, romance, and commitment. Diamonds come in a variety of cuts, but the one that demands only the highest quality stones is the emerald cut diamond. As you may have guessed, the emerald cut was originally used to shape emeralds, but was eventually used to shape diamonds as well. It is a non-traditional cut for this particular kind of stone, and one of the most notable features of the emerald cut is how it is able to highlight any flaws in an imperfect stone. This is because of the large, clear center that allows you to see right through the stone. The cut features a rectangular shape, along with cropped corners and stepped facets. Admittedly, the emerald cut isn’t quite as brilliant as other fancier cuts. The light it does reflect is typically broad with flashes of color. Still, its advantage is that this cut is generally cheaper than cuts that are made with similar quality diamonds, and because only high quality diamonds are considered, they are also stronger.

Diamonds have always been the ideal gift to that special love one in a man’s life. However the number of different cuts can make the task of choosing an engagement ring even more difficult that one might originally think it to be. For the sophisticated woman, emerald cut engagement rings are perfect because they have an elongated rectangular shape that gives it an equally sophisticated feel. It is not as shiny as other flashier cuts, but for the sophisticated and mature woman, it doesn’t need to be. One needs to be careful not to go for an emerald cut engagement ring hat is too inexpensive, as any flaws from a low quality stone will quickly be accentuated by the clear center. One must make no compromises when buying an emerald cut diamond.

Obviously, diamonds aren’t cheap, and because the emerald cut uses higher quality diamonds, this offsets any slight decrease in value that arises from the cut itself. Of course, it is still possible to save on diamonds while avoiding making any compromises to the quality of the stone you will be getting. Rather than get an engagement ring, one can buy loose diamonds instead, that can be set into a rings of your choice later on. You can even customize the ring for much cheaper, such as with a personal inscription. 18K yellow gold is the most popular choice because of its cost and aesthetics.

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