Which wedding venue is the one for you?

If you arelooking for wedding reception venues London must be on your checklist, but the choice is totally down to the preference of the bride and groom.

The first thing to think about whenchoosing wedding venues is that there are likely to be two parts of your wedding to arrange – the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.  Keeping this in mind you will quickly realise that for the widest choice of wedding venues Surrey is tough to beat.

As regards the ceremony, a church wedding is still the first choice for many couples, and most have a specific church in mind. In this case, the reception must beplanned around the wedding service. Factors such as ease of transport from service to reception will bequite important when organising your church wedding.
If, however, you’re thinking about a civil wedding, you have the option of deciding upon a venue that will host both your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. If this is what you are hoping for, you will have to choose a venue that is licensed for marriage ceremonies. This may possibly come with a higherprice tag than non-licensed wedding venues, but has the advantage of minimizing the amount of travelling involved for you and your wedding guests.

For civil wedding ceremonies, thefirst detail that needs to be decided upon is the location where the wedding willtake place – will it be in the ball room of a modern hotel or in a palace where history and tradition are in every detail?   
If youchoose privately owned civil wedding venues Surrey caters for so many individual and unique weddings such as chic wedding barns, country estates, stylish marquees and beautiful manor houses that making a decision can be exceedingly difficult.

For example, when most people think of a sophisticated and stylish setting, a barn wedding venue, doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Nonetheless, a barn can be a splendidly chic option for the perfect country wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
If you dream of a dramatic wedding venue, set within the grandeur of a beautiful manor house with grand staircases, elegant rooms, magnificent gardens, picturesque lakes and extensive lawns, then a wedding barn is clearly not for you.

So the choice is yours but don’t delay – make the decision and book up as soon as you can!

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