How to Increase Breast Size without Surgery

If you want to increase breast size without surgery it can be done in two simple ways: you can use a breast enhancement program, typically a 2-step program and you can do breast enhancement exercises. These are the safest methods to increase size and firmness without submitting to surgery.

Surgery demands too much from patients. Firstly, before being accepted for surgery, you have to go through a series of expensive tests. Second, once accepted, you will undergo the operation, followed by rehabilitation that can last weeks, months or in severe cases, years, before there is complete healing.

Remember that with breast augmentation, it’s not the operation that’s going to be painful but the healing. You can experience infections causing irritations and itching of the skin. Other long terms effects can include implants preventing successful breast-feeding, loss of sensation and even breast cancer.

Breast enhancement pills, creams and lotions, on the other hand, are all natural and safe. They are made from a combination of extracts from plants all over the world. Use these pills and you will notice an increase in breast size after just three months. Sometimes this is very significant and other times it is just satisfactory.

Some of the natural ingredients that you can find in these breast enlargement products include:

Saw Palmetto Berry, Mother’s Wort and Fennel
These species of plants contain chemical compounds that have the ability to mimic the function of estrogen. Their estrogenic properties will then stimulate the cells in the breast to grow in size and number.

Wild Yam and Fenugreek
These herbs contain diosgenin. This is a chemical compound that is converted in drug laboratories to create a synthetic form of the hormone estrogen that can be taken orally.

Kelp, Damiana, Dong Quai and Blessed Thistle
These four herbs contain compounds with the ability of regulating the rate of hormonal action in a woman’s body. Hormonal imbalance is usually the cause of underdeveloped or sagging breasts.

This is an amino acid that plays a role in the control of production of hormones.

Aside from these pills and creams containing these herbs, you can also consider exercises that can make your breasts look bigger. Another benefit you can get from exercising is an improvement in your posture.

Here are exercises you can follow to make your breasts appear larger and firmer:

Arm Lifts
Lay on the floor with your feet together then extend your arms above your head. Align your arm with your chest while squeezing the pectoral muscle. Return to your original position. Repeat the routine ten times. Do three sets every day with thirty-second intervals.

Wall Ups
First, stand up facing any wall in your house, at a distance of about two feet. Put the palms of your hand on the wall and lean forward until your nose is about to touch it. Remain in that position for about fifteen seconds then go back to your original position. Do this routine twenty times every day and you will notice a change just after a month.

Breast enlargement pills like Total Curve and exercises should go hand in hand when you want to increase breast size and see great results. Breast enlargement without surgery, however, requires you to be patient, as results will not show overnight. If you put the time into it, the results will be impressive without the side effects and expense of surgery.

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May 17, 2011

Thanks for the great information you’ve given. For me getting through a surgery in any matter is very risky. It is therefore, given that you have to spend a lot of money and undergo through all of its sessions of treatment. Basic and compound exercise will always be a helpful method to gain good shape at hand.

May 30, 2011
July 7, 2011

Jane @ 9:58 am #

I have doubt over so called natural breast enhancement, because over the years , I still seeing people do more and more of breast implant or related surgery. Why? Does that mean natural product does not work?

July 8, 2011

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