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Total Curve Side Effects?
There are no known side effects regarding the product itself. It is a good idea to read the ingredients in case you have a known allergy to one of the herbs or other ingredients. There are no reported allergic reactions to Volufiline.

How does Total Curve work?
Please refer to the Total Curve page or the Volufiline page to learn more.

Is there a link between Volufiline and Cancer?
There are no known health complications that result from Volufiline. The studies that link adipocyte proliferation or “fat growth” to health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer are contextually about obesity and not insignificant fat growth.

Do you have pictures that show before and after pictures using Total Curve?
I did not do this for myself. I was using Breast Success before Total Curve with results and decided to try Total Curve because of the ingredient Volufiline. I don’t really believe in those pictures we see online. There are so many people that lie about products just to sell something. Total Curve is backed by clinically proven studies unlike many breast enhancement products that rely on the known results of herbs that stimulate estrogen, which does cause the breasts to enlarge and become firmer. If you would feel better if I took a photo of a girl and used Photoshop to make her breasts bigger I could (:

Can I use Volufiline for my butt?
I am not using it on my butt since mine seems big enough but according to the clinical studies and reviews that you can use it on your elbows, hands, cheeks or yes even your butt cheeks.

Where can I buy a product with Volufiline?
I was surprised when I got this question considering this site is all about Total Curve, which has Volufiline. I read that one girl bought Total Curve gel just to use it on her elbows. If you don’t know where to click to buy Total Curve with Volufiline you can click here.

Are there any complaints about Total Curve?
I have looked fairly extensively for any complaints about Total Curve but have not been able to find any. I also don’t find any testimonies singing the praise of the breast enhancement but I do find comments regarding Volufiline as an ingredient that does deliver what it is suppose to do for increasing volume on parts of the body including the breasts. This is one of the key parts to the Total Curve breast enhancement system.

Is Total Curve Safe?
This is another question that is common from my visitors and all I can say is that there are no known negative side effects, not even any allergic reactions. It has recently come to my attention that there is another breast cream with Volufiline in it called Breast Success Cream. I have not tried it but if anyone has please let me know what your experience was.

Total Curve Versus Breast Success, Which is Better?
Recently this question came into my inbox. I really don’t have an answer. I have not personally tried the Breast Success Cream. I have used the pills and they did work for me. I was more satisfied with the Total Curve Program over the Breast Success Pills but the Breast Success Cream may be really good. I know it has Volufiline, which is a big benefit. Here is a link that goes to what I think is the official Breast Success Cream website. If anyone has any feedback on the cream please let me know.

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