Adventurous Person

Founded in 1974, G-shock by Casio is the hardest watch in the world. The development of this unique timepiece just about all started when Casio designers were inspired to come up with a watch that was resilient and tough. G-shock watches followed the ” Double 10 ” development principle, which means a watch that it may endure a 10-meter free of charge fall, a 10-bar h2o submersion, and have a battery that can last for a decade. To the adventurous person Casio created the ultimate watch throughout April 1983. Designed by Japan’s commended engineer, Kikuo Ibe g shock watches feature higher resistance against hard hits, strong vibrations along with water resistance. G-Shock was made specifically for military, sports, and also outdoorsmen, G-Shock watches were quite popular in the 80’s and especially your 90’s that more than 19 trillion G-Shock watches were bought from 1998. The popularity of the trademark was further boosted by the introduction of the sub-line Baby-G models. Today, G-Shock watches feature more than 220 models in varying colors and uses. keep reading

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