Volufiline Stimulates Adipocyte Proliferation, What’s That?

What in the world is adipocyte proliferation and should I care? This is a wild question and for most people it does not matter one bit but for the people that are familiar with this cosmetic ingredient and its claims it means a lot.

For as long as we know people have always been dissatisfied with their bodies. I am not saying everyone fits into this category but for the most part people want to improve on something. To one person it may be there nose, eyelashes, teeth, wrinkles, etc… In this article I will try to simplify adipocyte proliferation.

First I want to talk about why I am even writing this. There is a cosmetic ingredient called Volufiline that people are applying to their skin in order to add volume to various parts of their bodies. A woman that has cheekbones that are just too boney so she wants to make them fleshier could illustrate “Adding volume”. So what does she do? What are her options? She could eat more chocolate, ice cream, or pistachios but the risk is that it will make non-intended parts of the body fleshier.

Well people are saying that Volufiline works and in clinical studies it has shown to be successful in making parts of the body more full. Yes, it has been clinically tested and in one of the studies, women between 18 and 35 years of age who had a bra cup size between 30A and 34AA were chosen to be part of trial. The women applied a cream twice a day containing 5% Volufiline to one breast for 56 days. At the end of 56 days the women were measured and on average the treated breast tissue increased in volume by up to 8.4% over the untreated breast.

An in vitro evaluation of Volufiline yielded the following results:
On adipocytes there was an increase in cell volume of over 22 times and lipid storages increased more than 600%!

On pre-adipocytes cell differentiation increased by more than 200%!

Volufiline does not work by stimulating hormones, which is helpful in natural and herbal breast enhancement programs but it works by stimulating adipocyte proliferation. This is the growth of adipose tissue otherwise known as “fat”. That sounds terrible, the word “fat”, but being able to get a fuller face, padding your elbows or getting more volume in the buttocks, thighs or breasts would all be things that people would like to experience.

So then, an adipocyte is a fat cell and proliferation means growth so adipocyte proliferation is the growth of fat. This has raised some concerns with people and the question has been asked of me, “what are the side-effects of Volufiline and can it cause cancer?”

Remember, most research done on adipocyte proliferation has to do with human obesity and not the cosmetic benefits of adding some flesh to an area of the body.

To date there are no recorded negative side effects of Volufiline.

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